Statistical Yearbook of Finland

The Statistical Yearbook of Finland compiles data and statistics on various topics, such as population, economy, transport, education, health care, elections, consumption and prices. Both the latest data and long time series are included.

The first Statistical Yearbook of Finland was published in 1879. The old Statistical Yearbooks contain comprehensive data on the development of Finnish society and population.

The Yearbook can be browsed in several languages and formats

The Yearbook has been published in several languages. From the beginning to this day, the Yearbook has been published in Finnish and Swedish. In some years, individual editions have been made of the different languages and sometimes they have been published in the same publication. Nowadays, the Yearbook is published in three languages (Finnish, Swedish, English).

Publication languages in different years:

  • Finnish, Swedish: since 1879
  • English: since 1953
  • French: between 1879 and 1952
  • Russian: between 1892 and 1916.

All Yearbooks with contents in Finnish have been digitised into PDF files. The old publications often also include some other language than Finnish: French, Swedish or English, which means that many old digitised publications can be read without knowing Finnish.

Starting from 1999, the content of the Yearbook has also been published in Finnish, Swedish and English as a table service based on Excel files.

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