Research services

Micro data or unit-level data are available from Statistics Finland for scientific studies and statistical surveys. Data are available from both enterprise and individual databases in a variety of ways. Licences, the data, their tailoring and remote access are subject to charge.

Statistics Finland's Research Services grant licences for micro data. We offer ready-made data and tailoring of data according to research need. 

Statistical legislation and data protection and confidentiality practices specified in legislation are applied in compiling and releasing the data. The releasing of data is subject to a user licence. View the rules of the Research Services (PDF).

Topical in Research Services

Random checking of outputs will be introduced gradually in FIONA remote access use (5.3.2024)

Random checking of the files to be exported will be introduced in FIONA remote access use during spring. In future, outputs can be retrieved faster from remote access use, but at the same time researchers' responsibility for the data protection of outputs grows. Projects will be informed, when random checking model will be introduced.

If as the project's researcher in charge you feel that you do not want the research project to be transferred to the random checking model, please contact the Research Services.

Charge for an hour worked changed on 1.3.2024

The new price for research services will be 115 € / hour. The new hourly rate will be applied to contracts signed from the first of March.

Delay in entry to processing of applications

(updated 22.4.2024)

There are currently 29 applications in for processing and 14 applications under preliminary check. The time from processing the application to receiving the data varies depending on the extent of the data. The number of applications in the queue means the number of ready applications in the queue

Type of application Delay in entry to processing of applications (around) Applications in the queue
Addition of users and continuation of licence  3 weeks 5 pcs.
Ready-made data 1 month 5 pcs.

Tailored data

- Tailored data
- Addition of external data
- Other ready data
- Service data to FIONA

4 months 12 pcs.

Released data

- Cause of death data
- Data with identification data
- Released service data

2 weeks 2 pcs.
Microsimulation 3 weeks 1 pcs.

Newsletter of Research Services

The newsletter informs about current news from Research Services at Statistics Finland.

Application process for data

  1. Learn more about the data
  2. Apply for licence
  3. We process your application
  4. We make an agreement
  5. We compile the data
  6. We deliver the data

Contact us

In all questions concerning research data, you can contact us by email:

If you want to contact us by telephone, send us by email a call request and tell us in the message what it concerns. This way we can find a suitable expert to see to the matter.