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Fire is not the solution for hazardous waste
26 May 2016
According to the permission and supervision registers of environmental authorities, 1.9 million tonnes of hazardous waste was generated in Finland in 2014. The volumes of hazardous waste have fluctuated much on the annual level according to the prevailing interpretations. In Finland, waste is either hazardous or not, no intermediate degrees of hazardousness are known. Statistics Finland has published data on the volumes of hazardous waste as part of the national waste statistics since 1987.

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20 Dec 2016

Description: These statistics monitor changes in the volumes of waste, waste treatment methods and proportions of hazardous waste. The data are classified by main industry (including communities), and waste category or type. A limited amount of data are classified by region.
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Keywords: factory and trade waste, household waste, municipal waste, waste management, waste products, waste water.
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