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Inflation -0.2 per cent in January
19 Feb 2015
The year-on-year change in consumer prices calculated by Statistics Finland was -0.2 per cent in January. In December, inflation stood at 0.5 per cent. Inflation slowed down particularly because the prices of petrol, fuel oil and food went down. Statistics Finland has revised the commodity basket for consumer price indices and revised the weight structure at the beginning of January.

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13 Mar 2015

Description: The Consumer Price Index describes the price development of goods and services purchased in Finland by households resident in Finland. The Consumer Price Index is calculated with a method in which the prices of different commodities are weighed together with their shares of consumption. The calculation of the index follows Laspeyres’ price index formula whereby the shares of consumption used as the weights relate to the base period. The Consumer Price Index is used as a general measure of inflation. Consumer price indices that are reviewed at intervals of a fixed number of years are suitable for short-term examinations.
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Change: Reviews to the compilation of the Consumer Price Index at the turn of the year
18 Jan 2013
The compilation of the Consumer Price Index will be reviewed starting from the Index for January 2013 so that the Index becomes an annual chain-linked index.

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