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Consumer price index

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Inflation -0.0 per cent in June
14 Jul 2020
The year-on-year change in consumer prices calculated by Statistics Finland was -0.0 per cent in June. In May, inflation stood at -0.2 per cent. The increase in inflation was caused by higher prices of long-distance passenger transport by coach and wireless telephone services, for example.

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14 Aug 2020

Description: The Consumer Price Index describes development in the prices of products and services purchased by households in Finland. The Consumer Price Index is used as a general measure of inflation.
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Keywords: consumer price index, consumer prices, cost of living, cost-of-living index, harmonised index of consumer prices, indices, inflation, international comparison, price indices, prices.
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Change: Impact of the COVID-19 virus on the data collection, data processing and index calculation of the Consumer Price Index
14 Apr 2020

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