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Published: 27 March 2015

Industry spent nearly EUR 900 million on environmental protection in 2013

In 2013, industry invested around EUR 277 million in environmental protection. The majority of environmental investments was directed to air protection. Of the sectors of industry, the biggest investors were energy supply, the chemical industry, and mining and quarrying. Altogether, environmental protection expenditure in industry amounted to EUR 885 million and the biggest part was formed by operating expenditure caused by environmental protection.

Allocation of environmental protection investments in 2013

Allocation of environmental protection investments in 2013

Environmental protection investments in industry amounted to around EUR 277 million in 2013. Most investments were made in environmental protection by energy supply, the chemical and mineral industry, and mining and quarrying, each of which invested EUR 55 to 60 million.

The biggest share of all environmental investments in industry was directed to air protection, in all EUR 110 million. This sum includes investments for controlling various air emissions. However, excluded from the statistics are part of the measures that affect the reduction of greenhouse gases, as the statistics do not cover energy saving measures.

Around EUR 82 million was directed at waste management and soil and groundwater protection, and EUR 66 million at water protection.

In addition to investments, environmental protection equipment and measures cause operating costs and other operating expenditure such as administrative and research costs. In 2013, operating expenditure caused by environmental protection amounted to nearly EUR 610 million, which comprised 69 per cent of all environmental protection expenditure in industry. The bulk of operating expenditure consisted of the operating costs of various environmental protection equipment, and costs arising from sewerage plants, waste management and soil protection. Of these costs, most were directed at water protection, 35 per cent of the operating costs in environmental protection.

Source: Environmental protection expenditure in industry 2013, Statistics Finland

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