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Share of young people in the population is in danger of diminishing further
30 Oct 2015
According to Statistics Finland's latest population projection, there would be 882,000 persons aged under 15 in Finland in 2030. The number of persons aged under 15 has last been this low in 1894. At the beginning of the 1980s, one in five Finns were aged under 15. According to the projection, the share of persons aged under 15 in the population would decrease to 14 per cent by 2060. The main reason for the declining share of young people is an insufficient birth rate.

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16 Nov 2018

Description: Population projections describe future population developments. Statistics Finland’ population projections are so-called demographic trend calculations, which calculate the future population for a given area assuming that the development that has taken place in its population in recent years continues unchanged. A by-product of projection calculations by municipality is a so-called self-sufficiency estimate, which describes how the population would develop if there was no migration.
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Keywords: birth rate, forecasting, increase of population, migration, mortality, natality, population, population changes, population projections, projections, vital statistics.
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Change: New population projection will be published in November: data on the level of the whole country
15 Oct 2018
Statistics Finland will publish the new population projection on 16 November 2018.

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