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Educational structure of population

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Educational qualifications highest among persons aged 40 to 44 in 2017
02 Nov 2018
By the end of 2017, altogether 3,334,648 persons, or 72 per cent of the population aged 15 or over had completed a post-comprehensive level qualification. The share of persons with an educational qualification grew by one percentage point from the year before. Persons aged 40 to 44 had the highest level of education, as 87 per cent of them had completed a qualification.

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5 Nov 2019

Description: The statistics on the educational structure of the population describe the post-comprehensive school educational qualifications and degrees attained by the population aged 15 and over. Besides diverse data describing education, the statistics contain information on the age, gender, native language, nationality and migration of attainers of educational qualifications and degrees.
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