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Road traffic accidents claimed 16 lives in May 2022

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2022, May
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According to preliminary data of Statistics Finland, 254 accidents involving personal injury happened in road traffic in May. In them, 16 persons were killed and 309 persons injured. The number of persons killed was five lower and that of persons injured 35 higher than in May 2021. The data were compared with the previous year's preliminary data.

The number of people killed in road traffic by line chart by road users from 1985 to 2022.  The total number of deaths was the highest number around 1990, when the number reached nearly 750 people.  Since then, the number has fallen to two hundred. Passenger car deaths have fallen from more than three hundred to close to 100.  The number of people who have perished in light traffic has fallen from just over two hundred to about fifty.  The death toll of other road users has long remained below 100, now coinciding with light traffic fatalities.

Key points

  • There were 254 road traffic accidents resulting to personal injury in May 2022.
  • Road traffic accidents caused the death of 16 and injury of 309 persons.
  • Of the persons who were killed, nine travelled by passenger car and four by motorcycle. One pedestrian died and two cyclists.
  • Among those who died, 14 were men and two were women.

A total of 977 road traffic accidents involving personal injury happened in January to May period. In them, 61 persons were killed and 1,250 persons injured. The number of persons killed was 10 lower and that of persons injured 139 higher than in the corresponding period of 2021. Of the persons who were killed, 45 travelled by passenger car, four by motorcycle and one by lorry. Pedestrians killed numbered eight and cyclists three.

Alcohol accidents that led to personal injury in road traffic by region, January to May 2022 preliminary data

Personal injury accidentsDrink-related accidents
MK01 Uusimaa25219
MK02 Southwest Finland924
MK04 Satakunta666
MK05 Kanta-Häme382
MK06 Pirkanmaa748
MK07 Päijät-Häme535
MK08 Kymenlaakso554
MK09 South Karelia192
MK10 South Savo293
MK11 North Savo403
MK12 North Karelia270
MK13 Central Finland614
MK14 South Ostrobothnia374
MK15 Ostrobothnia302
MK16 Central Ostrobothnia120
MK17 North Ostrobothnia539
MK18 Kainuu70
MK19 Lapland282
MK21 Åland41
The figures are not excluding mixed use of alcohol and other intoxicants

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