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Costs of civil engineering rose in January 2024 by 1.0 per cent from one year ago

release | Cost index of civil engineering works 2024, January

According to Statistics Finland, the costs of civil engineering rose by 1.0 per cent from January 2023 to January 2024. The annual change in costs varied by sub-index from 4.0 per cent for technical and other systems to -1.7 per cent for concrete structures.

Key selections

  • Examined by cost factor, the biggest cost increases occurred in the costs of own machinery (6.0%) and labour (3.8%).
  • Examined by cost factor in materials, costs decreased most per year in timber (-7.2%) and metal products (-7.1%).
  • The total index went down by -0.5 per cent from the month before.


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Cost index of civil engineering works 2020=100 indices by structure, January 2024

Cost index of civil engineering works 2020=100, totalindex by cost factor, January 2024

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