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Outstanding credit

Producer: Statistics Finland
Main topic: Financing and Insurance
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Official Statistics of Finland (OSF): Yes
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These statistics show distributions of the outstanding credit stock and new loans drawn by lender and borrower sector, industry of the borrower, financial claim category and the purpose of use of credit. Statistics Finland also collects data on the activities of small loan companies for these statistics on outstanding credit.

Data content

Outstanding credit stock is comprised of euro and foreign currency-denominated credit stocks. Of financial claims, outstanding credit includes advances, bonds and money market instruments. In respect of advances the statistics also include new loans drawn. The data are examined by sector of lender, sector of borrower, industry of borrower, type of claim and purpose of use of credit.

From small loan companies data are collected on new credits during a quarter, costs relating to them, average maturities of new credits, credit stock at the end of a quarter and number of customers during a quarter. The data on new credits and on the credit stock of the small loan companies are included in the figures of the statistics on outstanding credit proper.

Basic data on individual units may not be disclosed.

Classifications used

Classification of Institutional Sectors, Standard Industrial Classification, Classification of Purposes of Use, Classification of Financial Claims.

Data collection methods and data sources

Concepts and definitions used in the Bank of Finland’s statistics on monetary financial institutions comply with definitions on Statistics Finland’s statistics on outstanding credit. Further information about the Bank of Finland’s data collection is available at:

In each quarter Statistics Finland collects data on outstanding credit from data provider sectors other than monetary financial institutions, which comprise insurance corporations, other monetary financial institutions, central government and social security funds other than pension foundations. Data describing the situation at the end of the fourth quarter are collected on the outstanding credit of pension foundations. The data on the outstanding credit of pension foundations are apportioned to the coming quarters, in other words the data on the first three quarters of a year are included in data describing the end of the preceding year.

Updating frequency


Time of completion or release

Data are ready approximately 2.5 months from the end of the statistical reference time period.

Time series

Data on outstanding credit are available starting from 1948. The applied concepts and definitions, and degree of detail and frequency of the data very temporally.


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