History of statistics in Finland

The origins of a statistical organisation in Finland date back to the mid-18th century when Finland was under Swedish rule and the Tabellverket (Tables Office) was set up in Sweden for the purpose of keeping population statistics. This marked the beginning of the world's longest, continuous population statistics.

An independent Statistical Office of Finland was founded on 4 October 1865, while Finland was an autonomous Grand Duchy of the Russian Empire. When Finland gained independence in 1917, the work of the Statistical Office continued uninterrupted.

History of statistics in Finland

  • 1500-1700 State descriptions for rulers on conditions in different countries, the origin of statistics
  • 1748 Tabellverket (Tables Office) is established in Sweden
  • 1749 The first Finnish population statistics are compiled
  • 1865 The Statistical Office of Finland is founded on 4 October
  • 1870 The Population Census is drawn in four largest towns
  • 1879 The first Statistical Yearbook of Finland is published
  • 1908-09 The first Consumption Expenditure Survey is conducted in Finland
  • 1921 The Cost-of-Living Index is calculated for the first time
  • 1934 The first Population Projection is made
  • 1948 Calculation of gross national income begins in Finland
  • 1950 The Population Census is drawn in the whole country for the first time
  • 1953 The first Census of Business Enterprises is made (origin of the Business Register)
  • 1971 The Statistical Office of Finland is renamed Statistics Finland
  • 1975 The Interviewer Organisation is established
  • 1990 Finland becomes the second country in the world to draw a register-based Population Census
  • 1995 European Union membership increases the international element in Finnish statistics
  • 1995 Statistics Finland becomes the first statistical organisation in Europe to launch its online service on the Internet
  • 2002 The single currency euro is adopted
  • 2002 The Advisory Board of Official Statistics of Finland (OSF) is established  
  • 2013 The producers of Official Statistics of Finland sign the quality assurance


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