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Enterprise openings and closures

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Number of enterprise closures grew by one fifth in the last quarter of 2020
22 Jul 2021
According to Statistics Finland, in October to December 2020, the number of enterprise closures was 21 per cent higher than twelve months earlier. There were nearly the same number of enterprise openings in the January to March period of 2021 as in the corresponding period of 2020.

Description: These statistics are derived from data in Statistics Finland’s Business Register. They cover those enterprises engaged in business activity that are liable to pay value-added tax or act as employers. Excluded are foundations, housing companies, voluntary associations, public authorities and religious communities. The statistics cover enterprises of the state but not those of municipalities.
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Keywords: industries, corporations.
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Change: Revision of legal form (25 July 2019)
25 Oct 2019
The classification of enterprises by legal form has been revised in the statistics on enterprise openings and closures.

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