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Economic Accounts for Agriculture (EAA)

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Entrepreneurial income from agriculture falling sharply in 2021
09 Dec 2021
When output decreases and production costs increase, the share left for the entrepreneur decreases. This threat scenario seems to be realised for agriculture in 2021. The main reasons for the reduced output are the poor yield of cereals and the lower volume of milk production. As for production costs, higher prices of energy and fertilisers in particular increase production costs. According to the current forecast, entrepreneurial income from agriculture is expected to remain at only 63 per cent compared with last year's figure. The data derive from the Economic Accounts for Agriculture that are now published.

Description: Economic Accounts for Agriculture (EAA) are published for the first time in Finland for the statistical reference year 2019. Economic Accounts for Agriculture are produced in connection with National Accounts and they can be considered one satellite account of the national accounts. Satellite accounts refer to a description of the national accounts that is compiled in more detail or in a different manner than the general system of National Accounts. Finland has delivered economic accounts for agriculture data to Eurostat ever since Finland joined the EU. Compilation of Economic Accounts for Agriculture is based on Regulation (EC) No 134/2004 of the European Parliament and of the Council. There is a uniform methodological description and manual (Manual on the Economic Accounts for Agriculture and Forestry) for the compilation of EU’s Economic Accounts for Agriculture. The source data used in Finland for Economic Accounts for Agriculture are primarily the data of statistics belonging to the system of Official Statistics of Finland, OSF.
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Keywords: agriculture, agricultural products, agricultural production, gross value added in agriculture, intermediate consumption in agriculture, entrepreneurial income from agriculture.
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