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Published: 13 October 2005

Over 70 per cent of enterprises already connected via broadband

In spring 2005, altogether 73 per cent of all enterprises with at least five employees had broadband connection, whereas a year earlier the respective proportion was 63 per cent. Dispersal of broadband has been rapid in all enterprise size categories. Since 2002, the number of broadband connections has gone up by 34 percentage points among all enterprises and by 37 percentage points among small enterprises with 5-9 employees. These latest data derive from an inquiry survey conducted in spring 2005.

Broadband in enterprises 2002 - 2005, proportion of enterprises in different size classes

Sixty-five per cent of enterprises had home pages. The number of enterprises with home pages went up by three percentage points from the previous year. Large companies had home pages clearly more frequently than small companies. Good half of small enterprises employing 5 to 9 persons, as many as 65 per cent of enterprises employing between 10 and 19 persons, 82 per cent of those 20 to 49 employees, and more than nine out of ten enterprises with more than 50 employees had home pages.

In 2004, sixteen per cent of all enterprises employing at least five persons and 24 per cent of enterprises with home pages had sales via the Internet. The total value of their Internet sales amounted to around EUR 11 billion in 2004. Most of the value came from trade between enterprises, while direct sales to consumers generated under nine per cent of the total value.

Source: Internet use and e-commerce in enterprises 2005. Statistics Finland.

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