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Published: 25 November 2010

Sixty-eight per cent of enterprises have in use a mobile broadband connection

A total of 68 per cent of enterprises were connected via mobile broadband in spring 2010. In all, 58 per cent of enterprises had a mobile broadband connection with a laptop and 56 per cent with a mobile phone. These data were collected with an inquiry in spring 2010 and they apply to enterprises with at least ten employees.

Mobile broadband connection, proportion of enterprises employing at least ten persons

Mobile broadband connection, proportion of enterprises employing at least ten persons

The use of a mobile broadband connection is clearly more common in larger than smaller enterprises. This was the case for 93 per cent of enterprises in the the largest size category, while the respective proportion in the smallest enterprises with 10 to 19 employees was 58 per cent. Examined by industry, mobile broadband was the most commonly used in the sector of information and communication (95%) and the least commonly in accommodation and food service activities (49%), construction (51%) and retail trade (52%).

A fixed network broadband connection was used by as many as 93 per cent of enterprises and by 90 per cent of those in the smallest size category. When both fixed and mobile broadband is taken into account, 96 per cent of enterprises have a broadband connection.

Internet websites have become ever more common in enterprises and as many as 87 per cent of enterprises have their own website. Even in the smallest size category 81 per cent have a website.

Fifteen per cent of enterprises sold their products on the Internet. The value of Internet sales in euros declined from the previous year, but as a proportion of enterprises' turnover it remained unchanged at 6.1 per cent. The majority of the value of Internet sales, 81 per cent, came from trade between enterprises.

Enterprises pay much attention to data security matters, but the inquiry shows that there is still room for improvement. Only 37 per cent of enterprises have an official data security policy, just 13 per cent have compulsory training related to data security and only 53 per cent use strong user identification.

Source: Use of Information Technology in Enterprises 2010, Statistics Finland

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Updated 25.11.2010

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