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Published: 7 April 2006

General government EMU debt increased during the last quarter of 2005

General government debt according to EMU criteria increased by EUR 3.3 billion during the last quarter of 2005. However, compared to the end of year 2004 the debt decreased notably. Statistics Finland starts publication of data on general government EMU debt by quarter alongside with the statistics on general government deficit and debt based on annual data. Statistics on quarterly general government EMU debt include EMU debt by sub-sector and financial liabilities. The EMU debt is divided into currency and transferable deposits, money market instruments, bonds and long-term and short-term loans.

Data on general government debt according to the EMU criteria have been compiled quarterly from the beginning of 2000. The entire existing time series is now published for the first time, the latest data concerning the last quarter of 2005. The compilation of statistics is based on an EU Regulation.

The data are reported to Eurostat and the European Central Bank with a delay of three months, after which they will be available free of charge on Statistics Finland's Internet pages under the topic Government Finance. Eurostat publishes the reported national EMU debt data in full extent, so Eurostat's pages contain comparable data on the general government debt of the present EU Member States and of some Applicant Countries.

Source: Government debt.Statistics Finland

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