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Number of deaths increased from the previous year
23 Apr 2021
In 2020, a total of 55,488 persons died, which is 1,539 more than in the year before. In 2020, men died, on average, at the age of 75.3 and women at 82.1. Women died, on average, 6.9 years older than men. In young age groups, a majority of deaths occurred among men but among persons aged 83 and older there were more deaths among women than men. The median age at death was 77.8 years for men and 85.5 years for women. The median describes the middle value, that is, one-half of all persons that died, died at a younger or older age than the median age at death.

Description: The statistics on deaths cover persons permanently domiciled in Finland on the day of death. Statistical data on deaths are produced by a number of variables including age, gender, marital status, native language and nationality. The statistics on deaths contain no data on causes of death, on which data are available from the statistics on causes of death produced within health statistics.
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Keywords: infant mortality, life expectancy, mortality, perinatal mortality, population, population changes, vital statistics.
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