These statistics have been discontinued.

No new data will be produced from these statistics.

Standard industrial classification TOL 2008 in statistics on patenting

A revised statistical classification of industries, TOL 2008, is being introduced in Finnish statistics in 2009. For further information about the transition to the TOL 2008 classification see the TOL 2008 web pages. The Classifications pages of the Metadata section of the website contain more detailed information about TOL 2008, such as its contents and classification principles.

In the statistics on patenting the revised classification will be adopted in the release of data concerning 2008. Data by TOL 2002 will remain available on the home page of the statistics and in the database services.

TOL 2008 classification applied in statistics on patenting

Levels of the TOL 2008 classification by which data on patenting will be released in October 2009:

  • A-S Total industries
  • C Manufacturing
  • 11, 12 Food industry
  • 13-15 Textile, clothing, leather and footwear industry
  • 16-17 Wood and paper industry
  • 19-22 Chemical industry
  • 24,25, 28-30 Metal and engineering industry
  • 26, 27 Electrical and electronics industry
  • 18, 23, 30-33 Other manufacturing
  • D, E Electricity, gas and water supply
  • F Construction
  • G Wholesale and retail trade
  • J Information and communication
  • 72 Scientific research and development
  • M Professional, scientific and technical activities (excl. 72)
  • H, I, K, L, N-S Other industries

Detailed descriptions of the categories are available at:

Last updated 10.8.2009

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