Review to the industry of video game enterprises taken into account in the index of turnover of services in March 2019

Statistics Finland has reviewed the industrial classification of close on 300 enterprises, whose business activity is related to video games. The review is based on international statistical classifications and EU Regulations. As a result of the inquiry, the industry of around 30 enterprises was moved from the industry Computer programming, consultancy and related activities (TOL 62) to Publishing activities (TOL 58).

The change has a significant impact on the cyclical image of the indices of turnover in the industries of programming and publishing. In order for the impact of the change not to create a significant break in the time series and the data to be comparable over time, the indices of turnover for these industries have been retrospectively recalculated from 2010 onwards. The index series with the recalculated data will be published in March 2019. The industry reviews have also been taken into account in the new volume index of services.

The change in the industry of video game enterprises will also be taken into consideration in other statistics published by Statistics Finland. More information about this can be found in the news release: Industrial classification of video game enterprises is reviewed - enterprises transferred from programming to publishing.

Last updated 14.3.2019

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