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Number of road traffic fatalities up by 13 per cent in 2007

A total of 6,657 road traffic accidents involving personal injury occurred in 2007. A total of 380 persons were killed in these accidents and 8,446 sustained injuries. There were 44 more fatalities than in 2006. The number of road traffic accidents involving personal injury and the number of injured persons decreased.

The favourable traffic safety development of 2006 did not continue into the year 2007. The number of fatalities in head-on collisions and in accidents with several fatalities returned to the level of the year before. In addition, one major accident (min. four fatalities) occurred during 2007, in which six persons lost their lives.

The favourable safety development of bicycle and pedestrian traffic continued. It has continued already since the beginning of the 2000s.

Table. Road traffic fatalities and injuries 1995-2007

Year Killed Injured Accidents involving
personal injury
1995 441 10 191 7 812
1996 404 9 299 7 274
1997 438 8 957 6 980
1998 400 9 097 6 902
1999 431 9 052 6 997
2000 396 8 508 6 633
2001 433 8 411 6 451
2002 415 8 156 6 196
2003 379 *9 088 *6 907
2004 375 8 791 6 767
2005 379 8 983 7 022
2006 336 8 580 6 740
2007 380 8 446 6 657
* Compilation method changed

Every third road traffic accident victim was killed in summer traffic, which for passenger car motorists was clearly worse than average. The number of persons killed in passenger cars was 77, which is 23 more than in the summer traffic of 2006. The number of fatalities grew especially in swerving accidents and head-on collisions. As regards bicycle and pedestrian traffic, summer 2007 was better than summer 2006. The number of fatalities among pedestrians and cyclists was 17. In 2006 it was 30.

Examined by age group, the number of road traffic fatalities grew the most among young adults (aged 25 to 34). The number of fatalities was 61, which is 19 more than in 2006. The number of fatalities rose, by nine, also among the 45 to 54-year-olds. A total of 53 persons were killed.

The number of children's road traffic fatalities increased when compared with 2006. A total of 14 children died in road traffic, which is nine children more than in 2006. On average, 20 children have died each year during the 2000s.

The number of young people's road traffic fatalities increased slightly. In 2007 a total of 93 young people died, whereas in 2006 the corresponding number was 88. A total of 47 passenger car drivers died, which is six more than in 2006. Three in four of the fatalities of young people in road traffic occurred in a passenger car. Thirty-four per cent of the drunk drivers involved in fatal accidents were under 25 years old.

A total of 48 pedestrians were killed in 2007, which is one less than in 2006. The fatalities concentrated on the darkest winter months in October-January; over one-half of the fatalities occurred during that period. One-third of all pedestrian victims were killed on a pedestrian crossing. A total of 45 per cent of the pedestrian fatalities were aged over 64 years.

The number of cyclists' road traffic fatalities (22) decreased from the year before (29). Even though the number of aged victims has fallen in recent years, nearly one-half of the victims are still aged. The risk of death of cyclists relative to the population has fallen during the 2000s.

The number of motorcyclists killed (30) increased. There were 6 more fatalities than in 2006. Of these fatalities, 22 persons were younger than 35. The motorcycle swerved off the road in over 40 per cent of the fatal accidents in 2007.

The number of fatalities in railway level crossing accidents increased. There were 10 fatalities, whereas in 2006 fatalities numbered 5.

A total of 91 persons were killed and 1,070 persons were injured in drunk driving accidents in 2007. There were 3 more fatalities and 69 more injured persons than in 2006. Eight persons died and 89 were injured in accidents in which an involved person was under the influence of medication or other intoxicating substances. The number of fatalities was 8 less than in 2006. In 2007 the drunk driving cases known to the police numbered 27,544, which is 1,779 more than in 2006.

In 2007 over 53 billion kilometres were driven on Finnish roads. In the beginning of the 2000s, the drive- kilometres of all cars grew, on average, at a pace of 2 per cent annually. The traffic growth rate slowed down to one per cent in 2006, but the year 2007 saw a return to the 2 per cent annual growth. In recent years the average growth rate of the automobile stock has been at the 3 per cent level. Currently there are nearly 3 million cars in Finland.

Figure 1. Road traffic fatalities by age group

Figure 2. Share of road user groups of road traffic fatalities

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