Income and Consumption

This topic covers statistics on the amounts, distribution and structure of the income and assets of households and income recipients, and on household consumption expenditure and its structure, ownership of consumer durables, and use of services.


Consumer Confidence
The statistics on Consumer Confidence express consumers’ sentiments, expectations and intentions relating to economic matters.
Households’ assets
The wealth survey describes household’s assets: their total amount, structure and distribution among different population groups.
Households’ consumption
Statistics Finland's Household Budget Survey produces data on changes in the consumption expenditure of households and on differences in consumption by population group.
Income distribution statistics
The income distribution statistics describe the distribution of the annual income of households and income differentials between different population groups.
Statistics on indebtedness describe the debts of private persons and household-dwelling units.
Taxable incomes
Statistics on taxable incomes (formerly Statistics on income and property) describe the income subject to taxation, deductions, liabilities and taxation of private persons.
Total statistics on income distribution
The total statistics on income distribution describe the annual income of register households and their distribution especially from the regional perspective.

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  • Consumer Confidence 2019, October (in Finnish, in Swedish, in English)
    28 Oct 2019
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    27 Nov 2019
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    16 Dec 2019
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    17 Dec 2019
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    18 Dec 2019
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    19 Dec 2019
  • Consumer Confidence 2019, December (in Finnish, in Swedish, in English)
    27 Dec 2019

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