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Use of information technology in enterprises

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One-half of enterprises use cloud services
25 Nov 2014
Fifty-one per cent of enterprises use chargeable cloud services. Most commonly used cloud services among enterprises are email used by 33 per cent of enterprises, and file storing used by 27 per cent of enterprises. The main obstacle for using cloud services is lack of information and expertise. These data derive from Statistics Finland's survey on information technology in enterprises.

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26 Nov 2015

Description: These statistics describe the use of information technology in enterprises and electronic business activities. The data can be used for examining the information society from the viewpoint of enterprises. The statistics are statutory (Finnish Statistics Act 280/2004). These statistics are based on Regulations (EC) No 808/2004 and 1006/2009 of the European Parliament and of the Council and on annual Council Regulations, e.g. 1099/2005, 1031/2006, 847/2007, 960/2008, 1023/2009, 821/2010.
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Keywords: business enterprises, communication networks, communications engineering, computers, data protection, data security, electronic commerce, information society, information technology, internet, mobile phones.
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Change: Statistics renamed
08 Dec 2006
As from 4 December 2006 the statistics on Use of information technology and electronic commerce in enterprises are called Use of information technology in enterprises.

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