This topic covers statistics describing foreign and domestic trade. The statistics on foreign trade depict trade in goods and services between Finland and other EU countries and between Finland and third countries, that is, internal and external trade. The topic includes statistics on domestic trade that describe retail and wholesale trade. The produced statistics also include value, volume and price indices.


Foreign trade of goods
Foreign Trade Statistics describes the trade in commodities between Finland and other EU Member States, and between Finland and Third Countries, i.
High technology foreign trade
These statistics describe foreign trade in high technology products between Finland and other countries.
International trade in services
Statistics on international trade in services describe Finnish enterprises’ international sales and imports of services by service type and target country.
Periodic survey of motor vehicle trade
The periodic survey of motor vehicle trade is produced at specific intervals as an inquiry directed to enterprises.
Periodical regional survey of trade
The periodical regional survey of trade describes the number and turnover of local units (outlets) engaged in retail trade sales and the sales floor areas of enterprises engaged in retail trade in different areas of Finland.
Periodical survey of retail trade
The survey of retail trade is conducted at intervals of a fixed number of years as an inquiry among enterprises that cover all branches of retail trade.
Periodical survey of wholesale trade
The periodical survey of wholesale trade is conducted as an inquiry of enterprises covering all wholesale trade industries.
Turnover of trade
The index of turnover of trade describes development in the turnover of enterprises engaged in trade.
Unit Value and Volume Indexes of the Foreign Trade of Goods
These statistics describe the price and quantity development of foreign trade of goods and changes therein.

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  • Turnover of trade 2015, October (in Finnish, in Swedish, in English)
    15 Dec 2015
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    23 Dec 2015

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