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Direct taxes went down by 1.5 per cent
17 Dec 2018
In 2017, direct taxes and payments paid by income earners totalled EUR 29.9 billion, which was in nominal terms 1.5 per cent less than one year earlier. They paid EUR 18.5 billion in municipal taxes, EUR 5.5 billion in taxes on earned income, and EUR 2.8 billion in taxes on capital income. The share of the public broadcasting tax in taxes was EUR 489 million and that of sickness insurance contributions EUR 1.7 billion. The amount of municipal taxes decreased from the previous year by 1.4 per cent, income tax by 5.3 per cent and sickness insurance contributions by 14 per cent. In turn, the amount of taxes on capital income grew by 17.3 per cent and the public broadcasting tax by one per cent from the year before.

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16 Dec 2019

Description: Statistics on taxable incomes (formerly Statistics on income and property) describe the income subject to taxation, deductions, liabilities and taxation of private persons. The basic data of the statistics are drawn from the Tax Administration’s database and cover all private persons who have received taxable income during the year. Income and taxation are examined by, inter alia, income brackets as well as age and gender. The total data also allow for regional examination upwards from the level of municipalities. The statistics are produced annually. As from statistical year 2005 they are available only on the Internet.
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Keywords: capital income, cash income, dividends, earned income, income, tax allowances, tax revenue, taxable income, taxation, wages and salaries, wealth.
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Change: New name for Statistics on income and property
19 Feb 2008
Property taxation was abandoned in Finland in 2006.

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