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Number of students in vocational education 341,600 in 2022

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According to Statistics Finland, 341,600 students attended vocational education leading to a qualification in 2022. The total number of vocational qualifications completed was 68,300. The number of students and qualifications completed was the same as in the previous year.

Key selections

  • In 2022, the number of students in initial vocational education was 258,400, in further vocational education 56,800 and in specialist vocational education 26,400.
  • A total of 44,000 initial vocational qualifications were completed, 16,200 further vocational qualifications and 8,100 specialist vocational qualifications.
  • Fifty-two per cent of vocational education students and 55 per cent of attainers of qualifications were women.
  • The most popular fields of education were engineering, manufacturing and construction, services, and health and welfare


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Students in vocational education by level of education and age at starting year 2022


Students in instruction preparing for and preparatory education for upper secondary education and completers of education by area 2022

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