Statistics on wellbeing services counties compiled for the first time in the financial accounts for the first time in June 2023

Statistcs: financial accounts

Date of change: 22.06.2023

Information about the change

Statistics Finland's Classification of Sectors was revised as wellbeing services counties started their actual activity on 1 January 2023. This had an effect on the local government sector (S1313), which was divided into two sub-sectors:  local government excl. wellbeing services county administration (S13131) and wellbeing services county administration (S13132). 

In financial accounts, quarterly data are released separately for the wellbeing services county administration and other local government starting from the publications of June 2023. 

In the new database tables, sector ‘S13131 Local government excl. wellbeing services county administration’ comprises all local government data up to 2022. In the first quarter of 2023 there is a level shift in the time series as the responsibility for the provision of healthcare, social welfare and rescue services is transferred from municipalities and joint municipal authorities to the wellbeing services counties.

Due to the revision, there are uncertainties related to the source data of financial accounts for which reason the data may be revised in future releases.

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Classification of Sectors: New Classification of Sectors entered into force at the beginning of the year

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