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Data from preliminary financial statements show that local government finances strengthened clearly in 2020
28 May 2021
The preliminary financial statement data collected by Statistics Finland show that the estimate data released in the early part of the year on the strengthening of local government finances in 2020 are real. The strengthening was mainly based on tax funding consisting of central government transfers to local government and tax revenue that was larger than in the year before. The EUR 3.3 billion increase in tax funding covered the weakening of the operating margin and pushed the annual margin and the result for the financial period up clearly compared with the actual financial statement data for the previous year. These data appear from Statistics Finland's statistics on local government finances, for which preliminary financial statement data were collected from Finlands all 310 municipalities and 136 joint municipal authorities.

Description: The statistics on local government finances describe data on municipalities' and joint municipal authorities' income and expenditure, investments, financing, assets and liabilities.
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Keywords: public sector, local government finances, municipal finances, municipalities, joint municipal authorities, expenditure, investments, operational economy, financial statements, consolidated financial statements, income, tax revenues.
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Change: Quarterly local government finances published for the first time on the service
28 May 2021
The responsibility for collecting the quarterly financial data of municipalities and joint municipal authorities was transferred from Statistics Finland to the State Treasury at the start of 2021.

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