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Source data of the wage and salary indices will change in 2019

Starting from 1 January 2019, all wage and salary income and earned income used in the wage and salary indices are reported to the Incomes Register. Therefore, data published in March 2019 concerning the wage and salary indices concerning January 2019 come from different data than before due to the change. The data previously derived from the Tax Administration's data on self-assessed taxes.

As the source data change, a separately reported item on foreign employees’ wages and salaries subject to taxes withheld at source is removed at the same time. For this reason, data are not obtained and thus cannot be deducted from the wages and salaries sum. In most industries, the share of wages and salaries subject to taxes withheld at source is low, but in some industries, the wages and salaries paid to foreign employees may have a major effect. Because index calculation is based on change calculation, the change in the source data is taken into account so that the effect of the change does not cause breaks in time series for the wage and salary index. In other words, the index series are comparable in time and the change does not have an effect on the image of economic development indicated by them.

Last updated 11.1.2019

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