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Discontinued statistics

The over 600 statistical releases published by Statistics Finland annually and the related data are permanently archived on the home pages of the statistics. The released data are stored in the online service even if the production of the statistics ended. Statistics are also combined into other statistics or their production is transferred to other organisations. In that case it is informed on the home page of the statistics which data are produced in future and where the data are available.

Name of the statisticsYear of discontinuation
Agricultural enterprise and income statistics2007
Agricultural income and tax statistics2007
Border Interview Survey2014
Budgets of municipalities and joint municipal boards2011
Building permits2010
Building stock2009
Business restructuring proceedings2021
Capital stock2012
Central government guarantees2017
Central government revenue and expenditure by region2013
Coercive measures2015
Consumer survey by region2010
Cost index for earth movers2015
Cost index of bus and motor-coach traffic2015
Cost index of forest machinery and vehicles2015
Cost index of rail transport2007
Cost index of road transport of goods2015
Cost indices of taxi and ambulance transport2015
Cost-of-living index2007
Credit cards2013
Decisions by administrative courts2015
Decisions by courts of appeal2015
Decisions by district courts in civil cases 2015
Decisions by district courts in criminal cases2015
Decisions by the Supreme Administrative Court2015
Decisions by the Supreme Court2015
Decisions by the prosecutor2015
Dwelling stock2009
Employment of students2021
Energy consumption2010
Energy supply, consumption and prices2011
Environmental attitudes2008
Environmental protection expenditure in industry2016
Finances and activities of municipalities and joint municipal boards2015
Financial activities2013
Financial leasing2015
Financial statement statistics on business services2013
Financial statement statistics on construction2013
Financial statement statistics on credit institutions2021
Financial statement statistics on hotel and restaurant activities2013
Financial statement statistics on information services2013
Financial statement statistics on manufacturing2013
Financial statement statistics on trade2013
Financial statement statistics on transport2013
Financial statements of mutual funds and investment management companies2009
Finnish enterprises2013
Flash estimate of GDP on quarter2006
Forest accounts2015
Forest workers' wages2010
Free-time residences2009
General government financial accounts2021
HEX share index2006
Harmonised index of consumer prices2007
High technology foreign trade2009
Household-dwelling units and housing conditions2009
Human resources of science and technology2015
In-service training statistics2008
Income and expenditure of foreign sea transport2015
Index of regular earnings2009
Indicators of regional economy2009
Indices of owner-occupied housing prices2018
Insurance Activities2021
International trade in services2016
Investment service companies2021
Key ratio figures of credit institutions2006
Living conditions survey2006
Local government finances2021
Local government finances by quarter2015
Local government financial statement estimates2013
Mutual funds2009
Net price index2009
Offences known to the police2015
Outstanding credit2016
Periodic survey of motor vehicle trade2016
Periodical regional survey of trade2015
Periodical survey of retail trade2016
Periodical survey of wholesale trade2016
Personnel funds2009
Population censuses2011
Postal and small freight delivery2009
Pre-primary and comprehensive school education2020
Public legal aid2015
Public sector environmental protection expenditure2014
Quarterly local government finances 2021
Quarterly statistics on the finances of municipalities2013
Regional accounts of production and employment2009
Regional and industrial statistics on construction2013
Regional and industrial statistics on manufacturing2013
Regional and industrial statistics on services2013
Regional economic agricultural accounts2015
Regional household accounts2009
Regional outstanding credit2009
Special courts2010
Statistics on central government productivity2014
Statistics on local government productivity2015
Statistics on manufacturing and trade inventories2021
Statistics on trade inventories2011
Taxable incomes2019
Teachers and other staff2007
Time use survey of university and polytechnic staff2008
Tobacco statistics2011
Total statistics on income distribution2018
Tourism account2020
Transit transport statistics2005
Turnover estimate of large enterprises2020
University education2020
University of applied sciences education2020
Upper secondary general school education2020
Vocational education2020
Volume index of newbuilding2010
Volume indices of construction2005

Number of discontinued statistics: 116