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Permanent building identifier adopted in December, no statistical release in November

By the end of 2014, the Population Register Centre will introduce a permanent building identifier in the entire Population Information System. The introduction of the building identifier will change the content of the statistics on building and dwelling production and the timetables of releases.

Data based on the permanent building identifier will be available to Statistics Finland only in November, for which reason data concerning the third quarter of the current year scheduled for 26 November 2014 cannot be released until 19 December 2014.

Totally renewed statistics on building and dwelling production will be released in December, and the time series for building permit data, building projects started and buildings completed will be aggregated from the renewed data. In addition, all chargeable assignments due in November will be produced by the end of December at the latest.

The time series for the volume index of newbuilding will be renewed later in spring 2015.

From December onwards, all monthly releases will have a similar content, and quarterly data will no longer be published separately in future.

Better general view of the building stock

The permanent building identifier changes the viewpoint of statistics production and gives a better general view of the building stock in the whole of Finland than before. Earlier, the examination of data focused on individual building permits, but in future, the viewpoint will be a building, building permits directed to it and their construction stages.

The introduction of the permanent building identifier will essentially improve the quality of the statistics. It will be easier to verify and correct the data, but the time series will become revised along with the corrections made to the data. The change will not affect the image of economic development. The cubic volumes covered by building permits granted will be at a slightly lower level than in earlier statistics.

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