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Publication of statistics on Finnish travel is discontinued for the time being

Statistics Finland will discontinue the publication of the thrice-yearly statistics on Finnish travel for the time being. The aim of the suspension is to allow sufficient time to implement the methodological changes caused by the data collection model in order to ensure the quality and continuity of the statistics. The plan is that the statistics will next be published in June 2020 at the latest concerning 2019 data.

The data collection model of the statistics on Finnish travel changed from the beginning of 2019 so that the data are now collected as a separate travel survey using a so-called mixed-mode data collection where the target person can report his/her trips either using a web form or in a telephone interview. In connection with changing the model, the sample size of the data collection was reduced to 1,333 respondents per month (formerly 2,350 persons) and the survey period was extended to three months. Until 2018 data on travel were collected only with telephone interviews for a one-month survey period in connection with another data collection.

Further information: Senior Statistician Ossi Nurmi, tel. +358 29 551 2984

Last updated 23.7.2019

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