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Second corona spring made Finnish residents travel in the home country in January to April 2021
22 Jun 2021
According to Statistics Finlands preliminary data, Finnish residents travelled almost exclusively in the home country in the January to April period of 2021. The number of domestic leisure trips with overnight stay increased by good one third from the previous year. In addition, Finnish residents made 7.5 million same-day leisure trips in Finland. Leisure trips abroad decreased by more than 90 per cent from the corresponding period last year.

Description: The Finnish Travel Survey contains information on trips made by Finnish residents and on persons having travelled. The survey describes domestic and outbound trips with overnight stays and same-day trips abroad. The Finnish Travel Survey concerns statistics on tourism demand.
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Keywords: business trip, cruises, domestic tourism, holiday trips, leisure, leisure trips, outbound tourism, passenger traffic, tourism, traffic.
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Change: Publication of statistics on Finnish travel is discontinued for the time being
23 Jul 2019
Statistics Finland will discontinue the publication of the thrice-yearly statistics on Finnish travel for the time being.

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