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Labour productivity did not grow much in 2019
10 Sep 2020
Labour productivity calculated from preliminary national accounts data grew by 0.1 per cent in Finland in 2019. As the volume of value added grew by 1.3 per cent and the number of hours worked by 1.2 per cent, only slightly more value added than before was thus achieved in one hour worked.

Description: A distinctive feature of Finnish economic growth, especially since the Second World War, has been the major significance of growth in productivity. Change in productivity is the part of growth in output that is not explained by change in the use of input(s) or compensation of inputs. Growth in total productivity depicts not only technological development and increased efficiency but also the effects from improved quality of inputs, management, logistics and organisation.
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Keywords: capital stock, industries, national accounts, national economy, productivity, productivity of labour, value added.
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Change: National Accounts adopted the new ESA 2010 system
28 Nov 2014
The European Union started using the new system of national accounts (ESA 2010) at the end of September 2014.

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