News 14 Nov 2018

Is gender equality realised in Finland?

In all, 20 per cent of women reckon that women and men are equal in society, while the corresponding number for men is 45 per cent.

Fifteen per cent of women estimated in 2017 that men’s position in Finland is clearly better than women’s, and 63 per cent thought that men’s position was slightly better. Five per cent of men thought that men’s position was clearly better, 46 per cent that it was slightly better.

In the last Parliamentary elections, 117 of the elected MPs were men and 83, or 41.5 per cent, were women. In the 2017 Municipal elections, 39 per cent of the elected councillors were women.

The data are available in the publication Gender equality in Finland 2018, which contains versatile data on the position of women and men in various areas of society. The information package contains statistics on, for example, families, education, wages and salaries and time use. The data have been compiled from Statistics Finland’s and other data producers’ data. The publication was previously published around every two years under the title Women and Men in Finland.

Gender equality in Finland 2018 is published in Finnish and English.

More gender equality data can be found on Statistics Finland’s thematic page Gender equality

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