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Intensified or special support for every fifth comprehensive school pupil
08 Jun 2021
Intensified or special support was received by 21.3 per cent of comprehensive school pupils in autumn 2020. Intensified support was received by 69,300, or 12.2 per cent of comprehensive school pupils and special support by 51,100, or 9.0 per cent of comprehensive school pupils. The share of pupils receiving intensified support was 0.7 percentage points higher and that of pupils receiving special support 0.5 percentage points higher than in the previous year. These data derive from Statistics Finlands education statistics.

Description: Statistics Finland compiles statistics on pupils having received intensified or special support in comprehensive schools, part-time special education and special vocational education. Data are also collected on special education arrangements in upper secondary general schools but due to the low volume of the data, they are not reported on to any notable extent.
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Keywords: vocational education, special support, special education, education, students, pupils, comprehensive school, intensified support.
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Change: The data content has been revised
08 Jun 2012
The data content of the statistics on special education in comprehensive schools has been revised starting from the year 2011 due to a reform of the Basic Education Act.

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